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Featuring StealthCams! Top Quality Covert Video Cameras  With

 Built-In Digital Video Recorders, Motion Activation And Time & Date Stamping

Covert Video Cameras

Top Quality Covert Video Cameras With Built In Digital Video Recorders, Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping

TSG Air Purifier

TSG Cube Clock

 TSG Wall Clock

Cell Phone  PV-900

Air Purifier DVR


Stealthcam Cube Clock


Stealthcam wall clock





TSG HomeGuard


TSG Recluse


TSG Clock


TSG Motion Sensor

Homeguard Video Capture Unit Recluse DVR/Cam

Stealthcam Photo Frame









Surveillance Systems

Quality Systems for your home or office.

In these difficult times it is more important than ever to protect the things you value the most.... Your family and your home. 

These  packages include everything you will need to install a complete home surveillance system.


4 Cameras with USB DVR

4 Cameras & Stand  Alone DVR Package Deal

8 Cameras with stand alone DVR & Monitor

16 Cameras with stand alone DVR & Monitor







 Surveillance Cameras


All Weather Day/Nigtht Infrared Camera

All Weather Day/Night Pinhole Bullet Camera   

All Weather Day/Night Bullet Camera  

Indoor Dome Camera

IR Camera






Digital Video Recorders (DVR's) 




Stand Alone DVR 4 Channel







Body Worn Cameras

  Covert Video Cameras And Systems You Wear And Carry

Button Screw Camera

Book Camera

Surveillance Kit

PV900 Cell Phone DVR

Button Screw Camera







Portable and Pocket Digital Video Recorders

You will love these new generation power models that take care of all your covert video needs!



PV-900 Motiontek DVR






GPS Vehicle Tracking

The Very Best In GPS Tracking In Small Portable Packages!

Stick-It GPS Logger

Real Time GPS Tracker

Stickit GPS Logger






High Grade Digital Long Play Audio Recorders

 Law Enforcement Grade Voice Activated And Automatic
Telephone Tape Recorders! 

TSG D4000 Recorder

Forus Audio Recorder






 Countermeasures! Bug & Wiretap Detection Gear

The Very Best In Gear To Detect Bugs, Wiretaps And Video Cameras

CounterTek Frequency Counter RF Detector

Bug Sweep RF Detector

Telephone Tap Detector

Spy Finder Camera Lense Detector

CounterTek Frequency Counter

Bug Sweeper

Teletek Tap Detector Camera Lens Finder






Sound Gear

 Sound Amplification And Super Hearing!
Top Flight Professional Gear To Hear!

Cell Phone Voice Changer

Sound Pro II Shotgun Mic

Sonic Super Ear

Micro Bionic Super Ear

Voice Changer Sound Pro Sonic Ear Bionic Super Ear






Books And Training Manuals

New and Featured Training Products

 The Covert Bug Book